Vogue shorts Source-Summer 2011: high waist, country, denim. Mode shorts summer 2013 by famous designers

StyleShorts - the perfect clothes for a heartwarming time. Fashion shorts - it's not just a comfortable thing, it as well allows you to show a good figure and shapely legs. Designers like with shorts for a great while time. You successfully combining them with a variety of things in a gerls's locker placement, comprise them in business suits and romantic images.Style trends of the time summer 2012  Similar articles:Mode Autumn-Winter time 2011/2013: Vogue Jewelry & FootwearFashion Get ready for summer: mode jewelry. Summer figgery: bags, scarves, sunglasses, jewelryMode Autumn Fashion: Fashion women's shoes. . Читать полностью -->

Mode shorts Source-Summer 2013: high waist, country, denim. Mode shorts summer 2013 by famous designers

StyleShorts - a perfect clothes for a hot period. Fashion shorts - it's not just a comfortable thing, it as well allows you to show a great shape and shapely legs. Stylists like with shorts for a long while time. You successfully combine them with a diversity of things in the gerls's locker apartment, involve them in business costumes and romantic images.Mode trends of the period summer 2011  Alike posts:Mode Men's hatsVogue Autumn Fashion: Fashion prints (colors)Mode Emphasis nudity: fashionable summer dress. . . Читать полностью -->

Versatile and practical bags: vogue handbags Spring 2012

StyleWith the past to the new time pass is also versatile and practical bag. These large bags are convenient its spaciousness. However, it is influential to remember that it is at the present time a much large and much little bag will not enjoy beautiful popularity. It is best to prefer a bag of medium sizing. In this bag you can carry anything you need and keep it in a hand comfortably. More correctly, if a bag is a large number of interior compartments and pockets, this will make it more practical.In any collections were seen lacquered bags, but this is not the main tendency of spring 2011. Читать полностью -->

Mode overalls Spring 2012

VogueBy the spring period of 2012 designers enjoy come up with a lot of collections of fashionable jumpsuits, proposing to go to parties and walks, a visit and actually to work. Since contemporary substances are astonishingly various and surprising opportunities flight of fancy designers are not deterred nothing!A diversity of fashionable jumpsuits manifested in all - in a substances, ornamentals, textures, design, style. For example, if you demand to be bold and extravagant - wear a jumpsuit with shoes and a hat. Option for hot source evenings - jumpsuit with cape air or wide scarf.The motto of the spring jumpsuits - diversity! It is impossible to say what trends are most relevant, we may alone safely say - a more extraordinary and interesting model, the consummate!  Similar articles:Vogue Beachwear and swimwearVogue Autumn Mode: Vogue prints (colors)Vogue Summer tops, blouses and skirts vacation season. . . Читать полностью -->

VogueStraight pants with arrows are enduring classics that will never come down with the catwalks. You create a girl visually slimmer and pull up. That pants are suitable for practically any occasion. You may walk similar every day in a job, or to a party, for example. In the cool fall and winter time weather will warm well straight pants with a addition of wool. Recommended to select a neutral flower. Читать полностью -->

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