Spring 2012 Style Nails

ModeIn a female shape no trifles. Nice properly-groomed hands and neat, chic nails - an important part of a image. Particular efforts goes to our hand and nails with a arrival of source, when we finally remove the gloves.However to make a trendy manicure, what colors and shades are relevant to this source? Every young woman will be able to pick a most suitable way, because designers propose a huge variety of options.  Similar articles:Vogue Vogue source / winter season: leather jackets for men and womenStyle Sunglasses: A most fashionableVogue Summer vogue. This summer - down with the darkness tones!. . . Читать полностью -->

Straps: fashion shoes, summer 2013

VogueShoes representing a intertwining straps of varied widths, so if the legs are bandaged - one of the hits of the source and summer of 2013.Typically, that models make for a highly high platform. A most pop colors are white, black, brownness. But there are unexpected choices, such as celadon.  Same articles:Style Trendy clothes for summer: trousers and shortsVogue Fabrics, colors, silhouettes this fallVogue Fashion figgery: how easy is it to choose up a good Christmas present?. . . . Читать полностью -->

Straps: style shoes, summer 2012

ModeShoes representing the intertwining straps of different widths, however if the legs are bandaged - one of a hits of the source and summer of 2011.Typically, these models make for a extremely high platform. The most popular colors are white, dark, dark-brown. But there are unexpected choices, like celadon.  Alike posts:Fashion Styles of fashionable hatsStyle MaxiStyle Wedding clothes summer 2012 season. . . . Читать полностью -->


FashionA fact that until newly was considered tasteless, currently declared a sample tasting. Many vogue houses boldly demonstrate a combination of seemingly incongruous ornaments.This applies to bracelets. Feel free to put right a lot of variant bracelets - made of metal, wood, leather and plastic. Ample amount of plastic bracelets how valid how metal bracelets adorned with colored stones.Currently, many stylists from around the world are choosing wide bracelets, done of metal or gilt decorated with sparkling rhinestones.   Resembling articles:Mode Style figgery. Women's handbags: a glamor of a new sourceFashion Fashion evening dresses summer 2013Mode Style trends of a fall period 2012: A Gerls's Coats & Jackets. . Читать полностью -->

Shortened jeans summer 2012

ModeDespite a fact that at a peak of their popularity and high waist pants "flare", simple straight gerls's jeans with a low waist denim traditional blue color with a moderate capacity scuff has not been canceled. Especially in this season, you get fashionable, thanks to a lapels of the significantly shortens the length (in the range of "just above the ankle" to mid-calf).That jeans are worn with big heels (to neutralize the capacity of shortening the leg) and great shirts. This summer, especially with jeans fashionable to wear T-shirts, tunics with "cartoony" prints.  Resembling articles:Style Gallery of vogue ornamentals for spring-summer:Style Vogue jewelry winter timeStyle Minimum fabric maximum aging body. . . . Читать полностью -->

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