Natural eyebrows

FashionEnough tweeze eyebrows "in thread"! At the peak of popularity - more natural, and so, it is required to leave the "native" line of the eyebrows and actually do them wider, using shades of a like bloom and a fine brushing.One of the hottest trends this source - emphasized bright, almost invisible eyebrows. To accomplish the desired capacity, simply coat a hair blond, almost white powderise a shadows and your.   Resembling articles:Style Fashionable, elegant, shocking. Girls Watch: interesting newStyle Fashion of style demi-period jacketFashion Summer evening, music. . . . Читать полностью -->

Shortened jeans summer 2011

FashionDespite a fact that at the peak of a popularity and high waist pants "flare", simple straight gerls's jeans with a poor waist denim traditional blue color with a moderate effect scuff has not been canceled. Especially in this time, they get fashionable, thanks to the lapels of a significantly shortens the length (in the range of "just above a ankle" to mid-calf).These jeans are worn with high heels (to neutralize a capacity of shortening the leg) and long shirts. This summer, particularly with jeans fashionable to wear T-shirts, tunics with "cartoony" prints.  Same posts:Fashion Fall Style 2013: Fur trim outerwearFashion Fall style footwearStyle Gallery hats and figgery. . . . Читать полностью -->

Style overalls Spring 2012

StyleBy a source season of 2012 designers get come up with many collections of fashionable jumpsuits, proposing to go to parties and walks, a visit and even to work. Since modern materials are astonishingly varied and surprising opportunities flight of fancy stylists are not deterred nothing!A variety of fashionable jumpsuits manifested in all - in a substances, ornamentals, textures, design, fashion. For example, if you want to look bold and extravagant - wear a jumpsuit with shoes and a hat. Variant for hot source evenings - jumpsuit with cape air or wide scarf.A motto of the spring jumpsuits - variety! It is impossible to say what trends are most relevant, we may only safely say - the more extraordinary and interesting model, the consummate!  Alike articles:Vogue Elegant summer clothes and costumesMode The transition to winter season time. What hours will enrich a wayMode Autumn fashion: girls' coats, raincoats and jackets. . Читать полностью -->

Denim shorts: jeans vogue summer 2011

StyleDenim shorts this period are extremely varied from finish summer: they are concise and they are decent. No provocative cuts and hanging fringe. More relevant plain whiteness shorts. You can be combined with a white shirt. White does not happen much - a motto of the summer of 2013.  Similar articles:Mode Summer 2011: The chief fashionable colorsStyle Summer Mode: AccessoriesMode Cap with great visor. . Читать полностью -->

Midi length - fashionable and comfortable

VogueKnee length skirts - what could be more convenient, versatile and feminine! It is this style can emphasize a impeccable sense of style, while maintaining the elegancy, restraint and finesse. A most relevant skirts for spring 2013 recognized configuration-fitting models of classical shades - white, milk, gray, dark and purple.  Alike articles:Style Styles of designer clothing summer periodStyle Summer street fashionVogue Chic summer clothes and suits. . . . . Читать полностью -->

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