Mode handbags spring 2012

FashionGerls's bag - it's an amazing thing. Often in a small elegant handbag placed an arsenal necessary for us upon the day things. Maybe that's why most of bags in the new vogue collections differ impressive volumes.  Similar articles:Vogue Fashion JobVogue Summer: Samples of best outfitsFashion Shoe decoration. . . . Читать полностью -->

Vogue denim shirts Summer 2012

ModeDenim shirt this summer in a style hippies and folk fashion. You are distinguished by a free slit, lightness shades, darts, rich necklines and long. They are worn with shorts, skinny jeans and jeans-"ripe bananas" on the cuff.  Similar articles:Mode Shorts in all its diversityVogue A transition to winter time time. What hours will enrich the techniqueVogue Naked Heat: beach wear, bags, figgery. . . Читать полностью -->

Great handbags source 2013

ModeAmong the most popular trends of source 2012 - roomy bag with short handles. They ofttimes enjoy a rectangular anatomy with rounded corners. These bags are made of textiles or leather, at times - of a combinations. So for flower - most stylists offer pastel shades. So decorative elements ofttimes act stones, crystals, chains and embroidery.  Alike posts:Mode Fall fashions costume for full figuresVogue Women's ScarvesStyle Ornamentals for fashionistas:. . Читать полностью -->

Versatile and practical bags: mode handbags Source 2013

ModeFrom a past to a new time pass is also versatile and practical bag. That great bags are convenient its spaciousness. However, it is great to remember that it is presently a very big and much little bag will not enjoy beautiful popularity. It is good to love a bag of medium size. In this bag It is possible to carry everything you need and keep it in a hands comfortably. Very well, if a bag is a big number of interior compartments and pockets, this will create it more practical.In some collections were seen lacquered bags, but this is not the basic trend of spring 2013. Читать полностью -->

Shoes for heartwarming days

StyleTraditional pumps presently look variant - they are provided with a cut nose, as, do not rub a fingers, it's highly convenient. No less relevant in this time - shoes without heels, and shoes-mules. In addition, again at a peak of relevance - loafers and elegant shoes with a pointed toe. How for the unexpected - that I can mention shoes with metal nose. And that is very practical, that shoes, perhaps not speedily taken down!Wicker shoes are varied bright colors, most frequently they are done of shiny substance, and why may be considered chic option.  Alike posts:Fashion Super miniMode Summer evening, musicMode Vogue Figgery: Gallery of female fur hats. . Читать полностью -->

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